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When will the new site start?...will it be just about julia? that would be great... an of course nice work alex! thx
24 August 2007

Lover Boy |
Just what I have been looking for. All Julia's pics in one place. Great site. Thanks. Please keep it updated and do not disappear
19 August 2007 - United Kingdom

great site, thanks
18 August 2007

fantastic pics thxx
14 August 2007 - Poland

What's up about the news pictures?

I saw in this book that you did some other site liek this one on other girls - can you send me the links please?
If they are as good as this one, i'm bery interesting !

thanks you, ++
14 August 2007

manni |
Thanks for all! Julia is soooooo beautiful! Youre site is a paradise!
14 August 2007 - germany

Hi Alex, I just want to know how soon is soon and are they new pic's of Julia or better res. pic's of the pic's you already have.
2 August 2007 - England

Alex |
Hey guys! I have very good news for you!
Very soon I will post new pictures of Julia. Dont forget to visit my site.
2 August 2007

Chris |
I am quite dubious of the girl in the video's. i believe it is not actually julia, mainly for the reason julia in the picture galleries has quite light pinky nipples of which are that of natural blondes, but the girl in the vids has very dark nipples of which are common in natural brunettes.

I hope the true julia is well as im sure we all miss her lots!
CJ x
25 June 2007 - England

Fan>Julia |
The videos ur recent...nobody have new pictures ?
16 June 2007 - Romania salute Julia

hi guys vote for Julia's raking here
thxx advanced
3 June 2007 - Poland

Samoth |
HEllo everyone,
Hello Alex!

First of all, i want to tahnsk you for made my dream come true... it's been a lot of years that i discovered Julia's pics, but i never saw them all on the same site!

I also read the guestbook, what about the pics you psoted on it? and those you get from others users?
Maybe can you send me them, or some of them, by mail please?
It'll would be very kind ... and made me happy!
Already much thanks for it.. :)

All my congratulations again for the site, see you soon!
28 May 2007

TJ |
That's not Julia. Looks a bit like her though.
13 May 2007 - Canada

I'm a fan of Julia like everyone else here. I was under the impression though that she didn't do videos...that said, I found this link today randomly, and I can't help but think that it looks strangely like her: http://intercourse.deluxepass.com/index-main.html

Look at the screenshots for the french maid. Could it be her, or is this just wishful thinking?
4 April 2007

Jeremy |
It's been quite a while since Julia visited this site. She is still the best on the net,,love her.
2 April 2007 - USA

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