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Alex | |
I checked phone number on that webpage - no response. So I think it is 100% fake.
24 May 2009

Jeremy |
I think the Prostitute site is just using Julia's old pictures. I don't believe she is prostituting herself, why use old pictures before she changed her looks? The site has all high quality photos of models, some of whom I have seen elsewhere leading me to conclude that the site developer lifted photos from the web rather than take new ones of the "girls". Makes you wonder what they really look like. Finally I would be surprised that Julia would settle for 150 and hour..she's worth more than that. Maybe Julia will see this and set us straight. Great job on the site Alex, btw Mozilla works fine, thanks
21 May 2009 - US

Alex |
Julia on site with russian prostitutes
21 May 2009

whats up with new shit? pics/homepage/vids... is there anything going around or left she the business complete?
1 May 2009

Alex |
2 Jeremy
I will fix it very soon. Its just because you use internet explorer. Try to use mozilla or opera browsers.
1 May 2009

Isn't Julia's birthday around now? The "other information" section no longer has her info. If so Happy Birthday Julia!
30 April 2009 - US

Alex |
2 Nick
I am sure she did it, but I don't have any more. For this moment.
29 April 2009

Thank you very much! You're the man Alex! You are the man! Julia is the most cute model ever! Did she make more pics with black hair?
28 April 2009 - Brazil

What is up with Julia? She seems to have disappeared.
20 April 2009 - Usa

Супер девушка! Истинная красота всегда смотрится восхитительно. А главное - это взгляд! Такого шарма не видел нигде.
19 February 2009

She still is very beautiful but I think she is getting way to thin...hope all is well with her.
14 February 2009 - Canada

Alex |
2 Fred
Im sure this isnt Julia.
9 February 2009

Alex look what ive found, 5th line the left pic. is that julia or even a video of her? i cant open the link though check this: http://www.erotictube.name/03-01-2009/skachat-porno-video-starushek/olga-maklakova-porno.html
9 February 2009

thx for the new web site, great gift for 2009
26 January 2009 - italy

I love the new site.
25 January 2009 - Greece

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